Day 2. Scans and injections!

We went for our baseline scans today to check that everything is healthy, it is 🙂 completed the final paperwork too.

And today we started medication! I’m taking 4 Progynova pills a day and M is having the first of her dreaded injections- Gonal F. The nurse made it look so easy and we even watched tutorials on YouTube. M wanted me to inject her, which I didn’t think would be difficult but it really is! Took me so many attempts just to push the needle in, I was shaking! But M was brave and said it didn’t hurt so I think I’ll be a better nurse tomorrow!

And if the above wasn’t stressful enough, we’ve also been waiting for two days now to hear if our offer on an apartment has been accepted! Eeeeee! And also, I’ve been offered a new and exciting job but that also comes with a tonne of paperwork for security vetting procedures. It’s all happening!

Fingers and toes crossed for everything in our lives at the moment!

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