Day 8, 9 & 10. Eggs are ready!!!

All of a sudden it’s all happening!

Monday: M went for a scan, follicles had made an improvement but were nowhere near ready. Maybe egg collection next Monday at the earliest. M started Orgalutron injections. Orgalutron works by preventing a surge of LH and allowing the follicles to develop fully. The injection is slightly more painful than the Gonal-F as the needle is thicker and afterwards the injection site (for M anyway) gets red and little swollen for a couple of hours.

Tuesday: We had a lazy day at home. M’s stomach seems to be getting really bloated and she says she can feel something going on! 

Wednesday: Back to the clinic, scans for both of us. I went first and have been told that my womb lining is thickening up, its around 6.5mm now but needs to be at least 8mm, so my dosage of Progynova has been increased to 5 tablets a day and I now need to wear Estradial patches on my thigh to speed it up because….. woah, M’s follicles have grown massive and she’s ready for egg collection!!!


So tomorrow night she will be taking Buserilin trigger injection, having a drug-free day on Friday and then back to the clinic Saturday morning for collection! 

We are so excited!!! I know M is nervous about the collection and I’m worried about the pain for her, just hoping it’ll be as comfortable as possible and we will have some good quality eggs/future chicklets ready for the oven 🙂 


  1. We are very excited indeed 🙂 I think my wife came up with the idea, years ago and when we checked it out it seemed a few clinics were offering it, although I still don’t know many couples who are doing it, have done it this way. Cost is a major factor, it’s been incredibly draining financially. We’re just really hoping we get lucky first time of course! Health insurance is not common here as we have the NHS but they rarely fund fertility treatment for same-sex couples. If it works, it’ll all be worth it!

  2. I just re-read this and remembered how scared M was. I had also read some horror stories on online forums, which I wasn’t telling her about. It was just fear of the unknown. Especially as we didn’t understand what the sedation was. M thought she might be awake and that would stress her out too much but she was completely out of it.

    I think, unless they collect a crazy amount of eggs and you are unlucky enough to get the OHSS (which you would probably be aware of now, if the follicles have been over stimulated). Do you know how many follicles J has? M was surprisingly well afterwards and she does have a low pain threshold so I’m sure J will be fine! Good luck 🙂

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