4 DPT and Feeling Hopeful!

We called the clinic today to find out the fate of our 4 remaining embryos. The four that were developing too slowly at day 3 but which they kept until day 6 in case they developed enough to be frozen. Unfortunately none of them made it 😦 It was disappointing news but the two that were transferred on Tuesday were way ahead and so we feel that they must be the special ones and keep praying for a BFP! 

We asked why they hadn’t used ICSI. Apparently they don’t on the first attempt, especially as the sperm was fine. We were just unlucky to have a low fertilisation rate and this couldn’t have been predicted. We will definitely insist on ICSI next time, whether it be a second attempt or (hopefully) returning for siblings. 

Since the transfer I have been a lot more bloated and a little crampy. My boobs are also super hard! It could be the medication but we’re remaining hopeful and there is no way we’ll make it 14 days before testing!!


  1. I’m sorry the embies didn’t make it to freezing! On the bright side, they make you pay so much money to freeze and store embryos and usually only 50% of those embryos survive the “thaw” so if they weren’t in tip top shape when frozen, they probably would not have survived anyway so you just saved yourself a few bucks! Do what you have to do in terms of HPT’s but try to wait if out if you can. It just makes you crazy either way. If it is negative, you get all depressed and you may have just tested too early. If it is positive, you get your hopes all up and it may be a false positive because the trigger may still be in your system. I know it is easier said than done but if you can avoid a HPT…do so! Good luck to you guys!! I have my fingers and toes crossed!

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