4+3 weeks. GP visit and sick bird!

Yesterday: I called in sick at work for the second day because on my last shift I was feeling really dizzy and completely exhausted and then got an appointment to see the GP. Before I went I rang the clinic to tell them of my positive pregnancy test and they booked me in for my 7 week scan, which will be the last of my treatment package with them. They told me to continue all my medication until twelve weeks, which is annoying because they have rubbish side effects but brilliant if they keep baby sticky!!

The GP appointment went well. She referred me to the midwife and booked my 12 week scan but we’ll probably have to cancel anyway as we’ll have hopefully moved into our new home by then in Sussex and will need to re-register. We received a pregnancy pack with a book that will have all my notes in, birth plans etc and some magazines. I also got my maternity exemption certificate meaning that I won’t have to pay for NHS prescriptions or dental care and she even wrote me a prescription for free Pregnacare (Folic acid, vit D etc) vitamins! The main bonus was that after telling her about my job; driving 3 hours and standing 10-12 hours, starting in the middle of the night etc, she wrote me a letter for work stating that I need to do “office based work” for the next 4 weeks! It feels strange asking for special adaptions at work so early on but at the same time, this is the most vulnerable time in pregnancy and I don’t want to risk problems because of my job, which is exhausting enough when not pregnant. I think when we move closer to the airport and also after I’ve had the first scan it’ll be easier. I emailed work with the letter but haven’t heard anything so I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing on Saturday when I’m next due on shift. 

Today: Booked an appointment at the vet for Buddy (budgie) as he’s been increasingly unwell 😦 He still can’t put weight on his foot after the accident on egg collection day and his eyes keep sticking shut. The vet quickly diagnosed him with a respiratory infection and gave us two lots of antibiotics which we need to give him in a syringe every day. This’ll be more challenging than giving M her injections! The rest of his nail also broke off when the vet was holding him and started bleeding again. The vet cauterised it so hopefully it’ll heal now. Poor bird, I really hope he’ll recover. He’s very special and we’re very attached to him ❤



Sitting on the mirror- he’d do it all day if he could but we cover it up otherwise he becomes too attached to himself! 


Buddy as a baby 🙂




  1. It’s horrid when our fur/feather babies are poorly. Dread to think what it’ll be like when Squirt is sick. Get well soon, Buddy. And I hope you get over your dizziness too!

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