13w2d- The Twelve Week Milestone.


Dear Chicklet,

I have been a bit late in writing this post but a week ago we had our official twelve week scan and you are doing perfectly and we couldn’t be prouder! The scan was brilliant.

The sonographer was a lot friendlier and a big improvement on the previous miserable, homophobic cow! The scan was very thorough and we were shown both arms and legs, skull, brain, heart, bladder and some other organs (we were too excited to remember). Everything seems to be functioning normally. And look how cute you are! Beautiful round head with already prominent features πŸ™‚

The sonographer had difficulty with the NT measurement because of the position you wereΒ in, so she had me lift my bum up and wiggle my hips about and cough to try and get you moving. But you didn’t because you’re already stubborn like your mummy M πŸ™‚ Instead you waited a couple of minutes before proceeding to jump about and do 360 turns! It was so funny, everyone was laughing!

The NT measurement, together with my blood sample and M’s D.O.B were calculated giving a risk of 1 in 18,000 of having Downs Syndrome, which is a very good result.

Afterwards we went to a big shopping centre and bought you a(nother) small toy to celebrate. The Saturday before we bought you a really cute snowsuit, so you’ll be a nice and cosy winter baby! Then we came home and attempted to make an announcement photo for Instagram, which was a lot harder than I imagined! Anyone who’d like to follow, my username is: zvyezda πŸ™‚

Since then we are still listening to your heartbeat at home every couple of days, because we love that sound so much. And we’ve been having a major heatwave (major for the UK πŸ˜‰ ). This has been pretty unbearable and I keep having to miss work because I feel so sick but your mummy M is doing a great job of looking after me and no amount of sickness can stop our excitement for you!

Just three weeks to go and we will hopefully get to see what’s in between your legs! :-O

Lots of love,

Your mums ❀ ❀


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