28w5d – This is what it’s all about!


Look at your beautiful face our gorgeous darling daughter!

It’s been a very busy year what with moving home, changing jobs and being pregnant with you! Lots of ups and downs and lots of stress but you have been the best thing that’s ever happened and we can’t wait to meet you! Third trimester now and we are so proud. We had a ‘HD Live’ scan yesterday on Harley Street, where you began! You were breech two weeks ago but yesterday you had your head buried right in my pelvis and you fell asleep just when the scan started so we couldn’t get very clear photos. Bless you our funny stubborn girl!!

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up. I’ve got injections for you today and tomorrow and tomorrow all of your nursery furniture is arriving so your mummy M will be hard at work putting it together! I hope you will like the end result, we’ve already painted it very cool colours (we think!).

I promise to try and write more for your future reading on here!

We love you so much ❤