38+3: You’re really on your way sweetheart!

I’m in early labour! My waters broke with a gush yesterday at 03:30. At 12:30 we had a scan, your head is deep down, you’re in the best position (and your legs are frog style, bless you!). Your predicted weight is 6lb2 to 6lb6. Cervix was closed but very thin. Contractions are getting SO painful but still irregular and am going back in at 6:00 this morning for induction, so it looks like this will be your birthday!!

I was starting to get bored having started maternity leave and impatient wanting you to come so much but had finally got round to the idea that you’re not due til the 31st and probably wouldn’t come til February as most first time mums go overdue. So we are very shocked but really happy about your early appearance 🙂

I haven’t slept since Saturday but both your mummies are just soooooooo excited! Let’s have a good delivery, can’t wait to finally meet you.


  1. EEEK! How exciting! Good luck! Hope that little one falls out after 1 hour and 2 pushes :-)…..or you’re able to be really mentally strong with you natural birth technique or choice….or you take some awesomely strong drugs and feel like you’re floating on a hazy, giggly cloud (like I did)!

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