7 Months of Parenting and Plans for more

Phoebe Ada is seven months old now. It’s been the best seven months we could have ever imagined. Loving Phoebe and being her mums is indescribable. She is a happy and beautiful girl with a fantastic and strong personality. Family life is life changing and brilliant. 

I haven’t blogged since Phoebe was born. There’s so much to say but I just can’t bring myself to spend time writing about parenting when I could be just doing it! I’ve always thought of writing a blog firstly as a form of diary for Phoebe to read when she’s older and wants to know more about how she came to be. I wrote during the weeks of fertility treatment and during pregnancy but I think now the thousands of photos and videos tell more than anything I can write! (Follow me on Instagram @phoebe_and_mums)

Anyway, that said I’ve found some spare time while on shift at work to start the occasional blog writing again, time that I unfortunately can’t otherwise spend with Phoebe! And this time I will concentrate my posts on our journey to creating the next addition to our family šŸ˜ƒ

More to follow….


  1. Good to hear from you and see the beautiful picture of Phoebe! She’s just amazing, her eyes are gorgeous. I love that parenting has been so incredible. I agree that pictures say so much! Pregnancy is a very personal journey and helpful to write about but I can see that spending time with her now that she’s here is more important! Keep up the wonderful family life. I’m looking forward to hearing about #2!

  2. I love Phoebe’s face…and being instagram buddies is the best! I love seeing where your family travels too, and watching little videos of Phoebe, and also sharing our lives with you guys! And another one?!?!? YAS!!!! I can’t wait, and I’m so excited for you ladies…Phoebe gets a sibling! So awesome!

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