Dear Chicklets,

You are our future child/children and this blog is firstly for you. We want you to know just how much we wanted you, care for and love you, even before your existence ❤

We were watching TV  once and there was a little boy who said “we’re chicklets”, he meant to say triplets but he couldn’t pronounce it. It was so cute and ever since we kept calling you chicklets. You may be a singleton, twins, triplets or siblings of different ages but you are still our chicklets 🙂

We’re also writing this blog because this is a unique journey, not just because we are two hopeful mums, but because we are two hopeful mums creating and growing our family together.

Lots of love,

Chicklet’s mums

P.S. We are 27 and 29, civil-partnered for 4 years and living in London 😉


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