We’re pregnant again!! 

17th Feb- M had eggs collected: 25!

18th Feb- with ICSI, 20 eggs fertilised.

20th Feb- 5 embryos pushed to blastocyst stage.

22nd Feb- 3 ‘early’ blastocysts left, 2 were transferred to me, 1 to freeze (although the third one only has 8% chance of pregnancy apparently).

5dp5dt: first BFP!!!

We are absolutely thrilled πŸ™‚ 7 week scan is on 24th March.

Ps. If you know me on social media please don’t mention it  as I won’t be announcing til 12 weeks πŸ˜‰

7 Months of Parenting and Plans for more

Phoebe Ada is seven months old now. It’s been the best seven months we could have ever imagined. Loving Phoebe and being her mums is indescribable. She is a happy and beautiful girl with a fantastic and strong personality. Family life is life changing and brilliant. 

I haven’t blogged since Phoebe was born. There’s so much to say but I just can’t bring myself to spend time writing about parenting when I could be just doing it! I’ve always thought of writing a blog firstly as a form of diary for Phoebe to read when she’s older and wants to know more about how she came to be. I wrote during the weeks of fertility treatment and during pregnancy but I think now the thousands of photos and videos tell more than anything I can write! (Follow me on Instagram @phoebe_and_mums)

Anyway, that said I’ve found some spare time while on shift at work to start the occasional blog writing again, time that I unfortunately can’t otherwise spend with Phoebe! And this time I will concentrate my posts on our journey to creating the next addition to our family πŸ˜ƒ

More to follow….

Happy Birthday To The Most Perfect Creature I’ve ever Seen!


Our little darling arrived yesterday at 09:11 and honestly I’ve never seen anything so perfect in all my life! I can’t take my eyes off of her! She came in at a wee 2.72 kgs (6lbs exactly) and 49 cm. I was in shock when they put her on my chest after delivery, she’s so small yet so perfectly formed πŸ™‚ We haven’t made the final decision on her name yet and most of the photos are on M’s phone but I’m awake just watching her and wanted to update πŸ™‚

The birth itself was traumatic and not at all what I’d expected and I’m still feeling overwhelmed by the whole experience, what a day!

Here’s the summary. 19/01/2015: my waters broke spontaneously at 03:30 am and I was given 24hrs to go into labour naturally. I was having contractions but they weren’t regular though increasingly unbearable. At 6:00 20/01/2015 I arrived at hospital to be induced but they found I was already 4 cm dilated so transferred me to delivery suite. Contractions were so painful at this point I was vomiting, which is very unusual for me. In the delivery suite I went straight onto gas and air, which I’m not sure if it helped much with the pain or just made me completely ‘out-of-it’. By this point I’d gone 2 nights without any sleep and just felt like a total zombie. And I knew contractions were painful but this was a pain like I’ve never felt. I was also emotional, I thought I’d be able to deal with the pain a lot better and stay calm and relaxed for the baby but I just couldn’t, I was screaming in agony. At 8:00 they examined me again, still only 4 cm. A doctor came to discuss an epidural with me, suggesting that it could be at least another 6 hrs. I was starting to consider it, despite having been fairly adamant that I wouldn’t have one. Then, it’s all a bit hazy, but some emergency button was pressed a I was completely surrounded by doctors (M counted at least 12) and before I knew it we were being prepared for an emergency C-Sec. Baby’s heart rate was dropping drastically whenever I had a contraction and they wanted her out ASAP. They examined me again and I’d gone to 8cms in just 15 mins! And just as they started to wheel me to theatre I shouted that I had the urge to push. I’m not sure if I actually did have the urge or if it was just a desperate attempt to try my hardest to get her out myself! In any case my legs were put in stirrups and I was instructed to push while they simultaneously cut me open and pulled her out with a suction cup. She was born at 09:11. M cut the cord and they put her on my chest for skin-to-skin. A definite love and first sight and we both balling our eyes out with happiness and disbelief. Baby was absolutely fine, screaming the place down! It felt like it then took forever to deliver the placenta and be stitched up. I tried not to look, but oh my God, the blood! None of it mattered anymore though. I’m still very sore and uncomfortable and an struggling to sit, stand, walk or do anything much physical! It definitely wasn’t the relaxing water birth I’d hoped for! Staff were amazing. We’ve spent the night on the ward and so should be going home today! Darling M is sleeping next to me, squeezed up on the edge of my bed. She’s been head clothes changer, nappy changer and bottle feeder and I love watching them so much! We’re not sure which features baby got from M except for her gorgeous dark hair and big eyes πŸ™‚ Still trying to get the hang of breastfeeding but I think we’re doing well, even if nothing’s coming out yet which is why we’re topping up with formula, hopefully just for a couple of days.

So that was the first day of the rest of our lives as mums. We’re still in shock that she’s her and she’s ours! I just can’t describe how amazing it feels!

38+3: You’re really on your way sweetheart!

I’m in early labour! My waters broke with a gush yesterday at 03:30. At 12:30 we had a scan, your head is deep down, you’re in the best position (and your legs are frog style, bless you!). Your predicted weight is 6lb2 to 6lb6. Cervix was closed but very thin. Contractions are getting SO painful but still irregular and am going back in at 6:00 this morning for induction, so it looks like this will be your birthday!!

I was starting to get bored having started maternity leave and impatient wanting you to come so much but had finally got round to the idea that you’re not due til the 31st and probably wouldn’t come til February as most first time mums go overdue. So we are very shocked but really happy about your early appearance πŸ™‚

I haven’t slept since Saturday but both your mummies are just soooooooo excited! Let’s have a good delivery, can’t wait to finally meet you.

28w5d – This is what it’s all about!


Look at your beautiful face our gorgeous darling daughter!

It’s been a very busy year what with moving home, changing jobs and being pregnant with you! Lots of ups and downs and lots of stress but you have been the best thing that’s ever happened and we can’t wait to meet you! Third trimester now and we are so proud. We had a ‘HD Live’ scan yesterday on Harley Street, where you began! You were breech two weeks ago but yesterday you had your head buried right in my pelvis and you fell asleep just when the scan started so we couldn’t get very clear photos. Bless you our funny stubborn girl!!

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up. I’ve got injections for you today and tomorrow and tomorrow all of your nursery furniture is arriving so your mummy M will be hard at work putting it together! I hope you will like the end result, we’ve already painted it very cool colours (we think!).

I promise to try and write more for your future reading on here!

We love you so much ❀

19 w3d : Sorry I’m Such a Bad Blogger!

This is just a short one from my phone to say that we’re still here and doing well! It’s been a crazy and exhausting few weeks, we had to leave our last flat and the purchase of our new home got delayed so everything has been up in the air but baby is doing well. We had a gender scan at 16 weeks and are thrilled! I made a cute Flipagram, gender reveal video which I will upload when I get the chance, but if you’re really curious it’s on my Instagram: zvyezda. I can feel baby kicking and moving which is so magical! I am currently waiting at work to go and pick up the keys to our new home and when I get the chance I will write a proper post!!

13w2d- The Twelve Week Milestone.


Dear Chicklet,

I have been a bit late in writing this post but a week ago we had our official twelve week scan and you are doing perfectly and we couldn’t be prouder! The scan was brilliant.

The sonographer was a lot friendlier and a big improvement on the previous miserable, homophobic cow! The scan was very thorough and we were shown both arms and legs, skull, brain, heart, bladder and some other organs (we were too excited to remember). Everything seems to be functioning normally. And look how cute you are! Beautiful round head with already prominent features πŸ™‚

The sonographer had difficulty with the NT measurement because of the position you wereΒ in, so she had me lift my bum up and wiggle my hips about and cough to try and get you moving. But you didn’t because you’re already stubborn like your mummy M πŸ™‚ Instead you waited a couple of minutes before proceeding to jump about and do 360 turns! It was so funny, everyone was laughing!

The NT measurement, together with my blood sample and M’s D.O.B were calculated giving a risk of 1 in 18,000 of having Downs Syndrome, which is a very good result.

Afterwards we went to a big shopping centre and bought you a(nother) small toy to celebrate. The Saturday before we bought you a really cute snowsuit, so you’ll be a nice and cosy winter baby! Then we came home and attempted to make an announcement photo for Instagram, which was a lot harder than I imagined! Anyone who’d like to follow, my username is: zvyezda πŸ™‚

Since then we are still listening to your heartbeat at home every couple of days, because we love that sound so much. And we’ve been having a major heatwave (major for the UK πŸ˜‰ ). This has been pretty unbearable and I keep having to miss work because I feel so sick but your mummy M is doing a great job of looking after me and no amount of sickness can stop our excitement for you!

Just three weeks to go and we will hopefully get to see what’s in between your legs! :-O

Lots of love,

Your mums ❀ ❀