13w2d- The Twelve Week Milestone.


Dear Chicklet,

I have been a bit late in writing this post but a week ago we had our official twelve week scan and you are doing perfectly and we couldn’t be prouder! The scan was brilliant.

The sonographer was a lot friendlier and a big improvement on the previous miserable, homophobic cow! The scan was very thorough and we were shown both arms and legs, skull, brain, heart, bladder and some other organs (we were too excited to remember). Everything seems to be functioning normally. And look how cute you are! Beautiful round head with already prominent features πŸ™‚

The sonographer had difficulty with the NT measurement because of the position you wereΒ in, so she had me lift my bum up and wiggle my hips about and cough to try and get you moving. But you didn’t because you’re already stubborn like your mummy M πŸ™‚ Instead you waited a couple of minutes before proceeding to jump about and do 360 turns! It was so funny, everyone was laughing!

The NT measurement, together with my blood sample and M’s D.O.B were calculated giving a risk of 1 in 18,000 of having Downs Syndrome, which is a very good result.

Afterwards we went to a big shopping centre and bought you a(nother) small toy to celebrate. The Saturday before we bought you a really cute snowsuit, so you’ll be a nice and cosy winter baby! Then we came home and attempted to make an announcement photo for Instagram, which was a lot harder than I imagined! Anyone who’d like to follow, my username is: zvyezda πŸ™‚

Since then we are still listening to your heartbeat at home every couple of days, because we love that sound so much. And we’ve been having a major heatwave (major for the UK πŸ˜‰ ). This has been pretty unbearable and I keep having to miss work because I feel so sick but your mummy M is doing a great job of looking after me and no amount of sickness can stop our excitement for you!

Just three weeks to go and we will hopefully get to see what’s in between your legs! :-O

Lots of love,

Your mums ❀ ❀

My Amazing Wife…


…she makes me this kind of gorgeous breakfast every morning, specially for me and THAT’s how I survive morning sickness with a 2hr journey to work! I don’t know what I’d do without her ❀️

10w2d – Dating Scan!


Today we had our “12 week scan”, also known as the “dating scan”. Firstly, they screwed up with the dates and gave me my appointment too early. I told the midwife this and she advised me to go anyway because then they’d have to give me another one at 12 weeks- two chances to see our baby! Secondly the “dating” part of the scan which means giving a more accurate due date based on the baby’s size rather than your last period, doesn’t apply to IVF pregnancies as this is always just calculated from the transfer date. So our due date remains 31st January πŸ™‚

And WOW the change in the 10 days since we had our last scan is incredible! He now has a CRL of 31.6mm, which means he’s been growing more than a mm per day and is right on target for 10 weeks 2 days. I still have a small blood clot which was either missed in the last scan or has since reappeared but we’ve been assured that it’s nothing to worry about. And our Chicklet looks amazing, he was kicking really hard and moving a lot. We could see all of his fingers and toes. The picture doesn’t do it it justice but he looked amazing on the screen πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀

10 Weeks Today!

We are already a quarter of the way through! We have our dating scan on Monday, which is too early for the other tests so hopefully they’ll give us another one at 12 weeks. We bought a home Doppler machine two weeks ago and have managed to find Chicklet’s heartbeat a few times for a couple of seconds but today we found it straight away, it was so clear and it stayed there for a while. 148bpm πŸ™‚ and looks like baby is now moving up from my pelvis! We’re so in love!

8w6d- Our Gorgeous Little Wriggly (Reassurance Scan)


After our little scare at the viability scan we had at the clinic 11 days ago, we went to EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) after our GP fortunately referred me, today. I wasn’t sure if they would scan me, as I had no actual bleeding but luckily they didn’t turn me away and this time everything was PERFECT!!! Look at our little baby (we secretly took a photo of!)! He (we’re referring to him/her as a he even though we have absolutely no preference, just a feeling he’s a boy) looks completely different to last time! Last time he was just a little blob with a heart half his size, now he has an actual head and body and little arms!! He was wriggling around like crazy and his heart is beating beautifully! He has a CRL of 19.6mm which is still a little behind but nothing to worry about and more importantly the bleeding around the sac has all disappeared! It must have been absorbed by my body, it’s such a relief! We are just so in love right now!

Aside from that, I am feeling sicker than ever. Constant deep nausea ALL day long. And I’m soooo exhausted! Oh, and my GP rang me up while I was eating lunch with my friends to tell me that I have thrush (apparently common in pregnancy)- charming!! But I’m genuinely grateful for all of this now that I know that baby is doing so well πŸ™‚ One thing I’m not grateful for is the stupid cold I got from work due to the air con making it like working inside a bloody fridge 😦 But tomorrow is London Pride so I’m hoping we can at least go along and watch the parade! Happy Friday πŸ™‚

7w6d- The Magical Heartbeat!

This post has taken a while to be written because it has been an emotional week. On Monday we had our early scan at 7w2d and last appointment at the fertility clinic. The scan revealed the following: I AM pregnant with ONE baby and that baby has a healthy heartbeat of 138 bpm, which is fantastic news!! I guess it wasn’t in our destiny to have twins and we mustn’t be disappointed. We were thrilled to hear the heartbeat and we could see it flickering away too- it’s absolutely incredible πŸ™‚

The doctor performing the scan wasn’t particularly helpful though. She told me to take it easy because I have some Subchorionic collections (blood clots) and the baby is measuring 3 days smaller than it should. I have already been taking it really easy and we left the clinic feeling pretty upset. Since then I have seen a midwife and GP and M has been reading up a lot about these blood clots and we feel a lot more relaxed. Firstly, the clots are really small 10-15mm and apparently quite normal, especially with IVF, secondly I haven’t actually had any bleeding and thirdly, the baby has a really good heartbeat!

Wednesday I had my “booking-in” appointment with the midwife. This is essentially about filling out paperwork, going through medical history (which is interesting when you’re carrying wife eggs and anon. donor’s sperm) and doing some blood tests. We were really impressed with how well we were treated as a two mum family, the midwife was really cool but we’ll have to change anyway as we’ll be moving soon.

Thursday I booked an appointment with the GP to tell her about my scan results as the clinic advised me to have another scan 10-14 days later to see if baby has caught up and blood clots are disappearing. She gave me a referral to the Early Pregnancy Unit but can’t guarantee they’ll actually scan me as the treatment was private and this is not considered an emergency. As she says, if the baby’s not growing and the blood clots worsen, there’s not actually anything they can do. But, I’ll hope for the scan just for reassurance.

We already feel so proud of our Chicklet and just pray that s/he’ll stay strong in there!